selected works

a home for the seasonal worker_studio Gay Menzel
︎︎︎ EPFL
Fall 2021 / Lausanne, CHE
in collaboration with Reda Berrada.
instructors: Catherine Gay, Götz Menzel 

A story of (be)longingIn Bellinzona, seasonal workers are very frequent in farming and construction work. Agricultural lands are found all along river Ticino which connects the city to the Magadino plain, an intense food production hub for the valley. The study of Kiarostami’s film and the making of our discovery of the site took place simultaneously, and led us to draw surprising, almost coincidental parallels. In this exploration we question the relationship between shapeless urban space, and identity loss, or facelessness. The project wishes to maintain the agricultural potential of the site while bringing the anonymous worker back into focus and part of the city. The envisionned facility houses a barn (for farming storage and equipment), a communal kitchen and kindergarten for residents living above, as well as for neighbours.


venice biennale of architecture_2020/21
link, archdaily ︎︎︎ canadian pavilion
link, biennale pavilions ︎︎︎ canada team
Summer 2019-21 / Montréal, CAN
with David Theodore (curator), TBA, Joel Friesen and Cameron Cummings

Design Research.
Joining the Impostor Cities’ team during the project’s design phase, I was assigned to study questions of representation and spatial arrangement within the area of the Canadian exhibition pavilion. One of my tasks was to build a 1:10 model of the pavilion’s skeleton to experiment with material composition, green-screen technology, video supercuts and sound to resolve the sequence of spaces and information at the ground level. A number of different adjacencies were tested, incorporating notions of transparency and opacity to foster a dynamic and immersive experience for the visitor, genuine actor in the exhibition’s setting. Sample studies above reveal 3 different layout families, where the analysis considers the number of screens, their aspect ratios and lengths, and the type of space created by their arrangement in relationship with the pavilion’s particular geometry.

Charrette inter-universitaire 2020_2nd prize
Oslo Architecture Triennale 2022_catalogue ︎︎︎ https://neighbourhoodindex.org/index/
2020-22 / Montréal, CAN - Oslo, SWE
in collaboration with Alice Lemay, Olivier Therrien & Nathalie Marj

Our project “De-Hierarchize the commercial street: Nothing extraordinary, really” reflects on the status of the commercial street by a restructuration of its elements along new circulation flows created for sanitary measures. As interior functions are crawling onto exterior landscapes, the proposal revitalizes valuable underused spaces, mainly the back alleys typical of Montréal, and links them to the main street. Pockets of public spaces with varying dynamisms are created adjacent to existing architecture, where temporary installations and sanitary initiatives are integrated. The linear relationship of commerce to the street is de-hierarchized to expand on flexible and dynamic engagements with the back alley. 

collective drawing_initiative

Summer 2020 / Montréal, CAN

Connecting Lines.
Working remotely, my fellow architecture friends and I assembled each of our individual “home-studio” in a single drawing to investigate the individual, yet collective engagement with a constantly redefined domestic realm. The connection of eighteen single rooms creates a network of shared states of confinement and resilience, where the distinctiveness of solitary living conditions becomes a greater expression of solidarity. Inspired by the open call initiative “Mapping the No-Stop Home Office” by Florian Bengert (@flo.bengert), the drawing documents the ambivalent consolidation of homes and studios in this time of social distancing. Assembled by me. 

in collaboration with : @redaber, @cn.dy, @olitherrien, @vcamyl, @nourachrafie, @gennywitha.g, @karkarfo, @mikael_hammond_benoit, @adam.jgd, @simone.mauro_, @alexszybbo, @alexasselin_, @johnnybissegger, @zhangsty, @mikegallo9, @nathaliemarj, @isabelcanoig, @jordanecastonguay |