selected works

analytical research_studio Sabourin
︎︎︎McGill University

Winter 2020 / Montréal, CAN
in collaboration with Reda Berrada.
instructor : Francois Sabourin

Unpredictable Choreographies.

This studio project focused on methodologies that seek to expand our designs beyond that of a fixed composition. Considering an architecture which has multiple possible states and which shifts constantly between them, we aimed to develop a work structured around non-static medium such as light, water, biomass, sound and information. Key to the research methodology was the programming of a game-instrument, created to fabric an architectural organization designed and built around our chosen medium : Information. The final deliverable, a model living unit, presents speculations on a new way of living, afforded by a non-static domestic space where human and non-human enact unpredictable choreographies. We created the guide shown above to reconcile all our processes and findings in a playful and instructive fashion.