selected works

Charrette inter-universitaire 2020_2nd prize
Oslo Architecture Triennale 2022_catalogue ︎︎︎ https://neighbourhoodindex.org/index/
2020-22 / Montréal, CAN - Oslo, SWE
in collaboration with Alice Lemay, Olivier Therrien & Nathalie Marj

Our project “De-Hierarchize the commercial street: Nothing extraordinary, really” reflects on the status of the commercial street by a restructuration of its elements along new circulation flows created for sanitary measures. As interior functions are crawling onto exterior landscapes, the proposal revitalizes valuable underused spaces, mainly the back alleys typical of Montréal, and links them to the main street. Pockets of public spaces with varying dynamisms are created adjacent to existing architecture, where temporary installations and sanitary initiatives are integrated. The linear relationship of commerce to the street is de-hierarchized to expand on flexible and dynamic engagements with the back alley.