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venice biennale of architecture_2020/21
link, archdaily ︎︎︎ canadian pavilion
link, biennale pavilions ︎︎︎ canada team
Summer 2019-21 / Montréal, CAN
with David Theodore (curator), TBA, Joel Friesen and Cameron Cummings

Design Research.
Joining the Impostor Cities’ team during the project’s design phase, I was assigned to study questions of representation and spatial arrangement within the area of the Canadian exhibition pavilion. One of my tasks was to build a 1:10 model of the pavilion’s skeleton to experiment with material composition, green-screen technology, video supercuts and sound to resolve the sequence of spaces and information at the ground level. A number of different adjacencies were tested, incorporating notions of transparency and opacity to foster a dynamic and immersive experience for the visitor, genuine actor in the exhibition’s setting. Sample studies above reveal 3 different layout families, where the analysis considers the number of screens, their aspect ratios and lengths, and the type of space created by their arrangement in relationship with the pavilion’s particular geometry.