selected works

collective drawing_initiative

Summer 2020 / Montréal, CAN

Connecting Lines.
Working remotely, my fellow architecture friends and I assembled each of our individual “home-studio” in a single drawing to investigate the individual, yet collective engagement with a constantly redefined domestic realm. The connection of eighteen single rooms creates a network of shared states of confinement and resilience, where the distinctiveness of solitary living conditions becomes a greater expression of solidarity. Inspired by the open call initiative “Mapping the No-Stop Home Office” by Florian Bengert (@flo.bengert), the drawing documents the ambivalent consolidation of homes and studios in this time of social distancing. Assembled by me. 

in collaboration with : @redaber, @cn.dy, @olitherrien, @vcamyl, @nourachrafie, @gennywitha.g, @karkarfo, @mikael_hammond_benoit, @adam.jgd, @simone.mauro_, @alexszybbo, @alexasselin_, @johnnybissegger, @zhangsty, @mikegallo9, @nathaliemarj, @isabelcanoig, @jordanecastonguay |